The #1 tool to improve your surfing

Reviewing & analyzing my surfing on video was the biggest contributing factor to improving my surfing & pushing past plateaus. Once I got past the initial cringe factor of seeing my surfing on camera 😅, it became the #1 tool I use to keep on improving.

Now, I want to help you have those same “ah ha” moments in your surfing.

By identifying what to focus on next in your longboard surf progression, you’ll see quicker improvements, have more confidence knowing you’re on the right track, and ultimately have more fun by challenging yourself at the right level.

At the very least I recommend getting some footage of yourself so you can see what you look like and spot any areas for improvement.

Or, if you want more advice on what to look for and how to progress, working with a surf mentor such as myself can be the best way to do this.

So if you're interested, I'm now offering a limited number of reviews at a discounted rate.

Meet your mentor

Man holding a longboard surfboard.

Hey there ! 👋 I'm Chris – a longboard enthusiast and lifelong surfer with over 20 years of surfing under my belt. I've worked with a number of surfers to support them on their longboard journey each at varying skill levels and am looking forward to helping you too. I live and breath surfing and seeing the stoke that others can have from just one great session is what keeps me going.

what do other surfers have to say?

girl longboard surfing on a wave


Chris is the best sensei ever!

His point of view is always super helpful and it’s really made my surfing progress much quicker!! He always makes me feel so confident about my surfing too :)

– Natsumi | longboarder from japan
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Some questions you may have...

ok count me in, how can i start?

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