2 key differences between hanging 5 & hanging 10

Following last week’s post about hanging 5, today we’re going to look at 2 of the main differences between hanging 5 and hanging 10.

On the surface it sounds obvious – it’s just a matter of standing on the nose with 2 feet instead of 1, right?

Well, yes. But there’s actually a few key differences between a 5 & 10 that are important to keep in mind:

1️⃣ Hanging 10 is a stalling maneuver.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember (& possibly the most counterintuitive) is that hanging 10 is a stalling maneuver.

We covered this before (see tip 22), but it’s worth repeating. Hanging 5 is a form of “forward trim” & helps generate speed whereas hanging 10 is a stalling maneuver & will slow you down.

If you’re hanging 5 and want to slow down, you can hang 10 to stay on the nose and do it. Switching between 5 and 10 helps manage your speed.

2️⃣ It needs to be done right in the pocket.

I’ve talked about needing to be in the pocket a lot in this series, but it’s especially true when hanging 10.

There’s still a little wiggle room when hanging 5 to be a little in front of the pocket & there’s plenty of wiggle room when doing a cheater 5, but that window of where you need to be really narrows for a 10 so make sure you’re right up tight in the pocket.

If you try to use it as a way to stall without being right in the pocket, you’ll most likely nosedive.

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💬 Any other tips for hanging 5 or 10?

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