4 tips to make paddling out easier

Transitioning from the whitewash to “green waves” as they say (I just like to call them waves 😉) is possibly one of the biggest hurdles in the earlier stages of surfing.

And sometimes half the battle is just making it out the back! So today I’m sharing 4 tips to make the paddle out easier.

1️⃣ Time your paddle out

This one takes some practice & even the best of the best mis-time things, but try to time it so you’re not in the impact zone at the same time a set is breaking. I’ll often wait for a set to come & paddle out just as it ends so by the time I make it to the impact zone it’ll be all clear.

2️⃣ Paddle with the current

Know where in the lineup you’re trying to get to, notice which way the current is going, & launch down the beach from where you actually want to end up using the current to help push you there.

Another trick is using rip currents. If rip currents make you nervous, do it with a coach, mentor, or buddy first but once you realize the only real danger from a rip current is the person who’s panicking, these can become extremely useful!

3️⃣ Minimize your time in the impact zone

Timing your paddle out helps with this, but another trick is that sometimes it’s best to wait inside of the impact zone (i.e. between the impact zone & beach). This is useful if you mis-time your paddle out, it’s a really long paddle out, or you’ve just caught a wave.

But let's be honest, Turtle said it best:

"when the wave breaks here, don't be there."

4️⃣ Approach waves head-on

No matter what method you’re using to get through a wave (i.e. turtle rolling, duck diving, etc), the one thing you want to keep in mind is to always approach the wave head-on. If you’re at any sort of angle, you’ll get pushed sideways by the wave rather than piercing through it.

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