How to kick out

This is the LAST POST of the series (😟), so what better way than to end with a kick out?

Despite the wave ending, kicking out is both fun and practical and can set you up for an easier paddle back out.

So how’s it done?

Well, there’s a few different ways of kicking out (e.g. a sharp turn over the top or flicking your board over and probably a few other variations), but the basic premise is the same – you want to lift the nose of your board up as high as you can & then pivot around the tail to get over the back of the wave.

Here’s some ways to think about kicking out:

👉 Make sure you’re all the way back on the tail. Like, as far back as you can go with your weight right over the tail. Think about sinking your tail rather than lifting the nose because sinking the tail will lift the nose.

👉 Put more emphasis on getting your board vertical (see last point) rather than turning. By pressing the tail down real hard, you’re essentially slamming on the breaks and the wave will already start to carry on without you so turning to get over the top isn’t as important.

👉 Think about it as bringing the board up to you (as opposed to you leaning forward to meet the board), catching it, and then falling back down with it.

👉 Once you’re comfortable slamming hard on the breaks & lifting the nose up, do it with pressure on the inside rail. Kind of like how you’d do a regular turn, but you’re much farther back and pivoting right around the tip of the tail.

Apply these tips to the end of your waves and you'll be out the back again in no time 😛.

💬 Any other tips for kicking out?

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