Implementing surf tips into your surfing

Since I’ll be sharing various tips on how to improve your surfing, I thought it made sense to first talk about how to actually practice what you learn in a constructive but enjoyable way. So for post #1, I’m sharing how I like to structure my surfs to always keep improving:

pLay, pracTice, pLay

I don’t do this every time I surf, but when I’m trying to learn something new or improve upon an existing skill, I always like to sandwich my practice with the general sense of play that I love so much.

This basically means I surf as I normally would at the start, then “sacrifice” a few waves to try something new & push myself in different ways (which usually means I wipeout a lot during this period), and then finally finish my surf just having fun. This doesn’t mean the practice portion isn’t fun or that the play portion isn’t practice, but it takes any pressure off getting better or ending your surf with frustration while still ensuring you’re actually improving.

At least that’s the idea 🤷

💬 How do you practice what you learn?

3 things you can do to

Improve your surfing at any level

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