Different approaches to finding the sweeet spot for your noseride

Last week we discussed where you should be positioned on the wave during your noseride (tip 7 if you want to check it out), but knowing where to be & knowing how to get there are totally different things.

So for today’s post, here are some different approaches to get yourself into that sweet spot for your noseride all with varying levels of difficulty:

  • looking for a section/peak forming in front of you & noseriding through it
  • biding your time until the wave “stands up” & noseriding then
  • speed trimming through a fast-breaking section
  • taking off behind the peak & noseriding through it
  • popping up early & noseriding during the takeoff instead of fully dropping in
  • fading your takeoff & approaching the peak from behind (like taking off behind the peak but more technical)
  • going into the flats to slow down, setting your line, & “floating” up the wave face into position
  • stall (to slow down), pivot (to set your line), & noseride (to speed up)
  • cutting back behind the pocket & approaching it from behind (like approaching a section down the line but more difficult & often more turbulent with the whitewash)

These are just some of the different ways to approach your noseride & hopefully gives you a few ideas on how to go about it.

In reality, it’ll probably look more like a combo of these. In the clip in the above video, @jesslowcher combines 2 of the approaches by fading her takeoff as a way to bide her time until the wave stands up a bit more giving her a nice section to noseride through.

If you’re still early days on your journey to the nose, I’d suggest focusing on the first two approaches as I personally think these are the easiest to start with & allows you to focus mostly on getting your timing right.

Once you get a better idea of the feelings & sensations you’re looking for, those other approaches will make much more sense & your learning curve will be that much quicker 🤘.

💬 What are your favourite ways to approach a noseride?

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