How to distribute your weight when hanging 5

Weight distribution on a surfboard is extremely important as it can affect your speed, direction, and balance.

Your weight will be distributed slightly differently depending on what you’re doing, but today we’ll be looking at the hang 🖐️.

What I’m about to share isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but by paying attention to this and making small adjustments you’ll definitely see some improvements when on the nose. It might even be the difference between standing on the nose vs actually dangling those toes.

So how should your weight be distributed when attempting to hang 5?

👉 Your weight should be centered over your back leg.

📷 @ramboestrada

Keeping your hips, shoulders, and head all stacked up vertically helps maintain a stable center of gravity and by centering this over your back foot, it helps keeps the weight off the nose of your board (unless that’s what you want – more on that later).

It also frees up your front foot to move around so you can actually hang your toes over rather than just be standing on the nose. You’re really just standing on your back leg with your front foot extended forward for the 5.

It’s also worth noting that weight distribution is dynamic, meaning you need to adapt to the ever changing conditions. So while home base might be centered over your back leg, don’t be afraid to shift it around slightly moving your hips forward/back as a way to adjust your speed or left/right to change direction all while hanging 5.

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