How to manage your speed from the nose

While hanging 5 & hanging 10 are both forms of noseriding, there’s a key difference that may surprise you (I know it did for me) if you’ve never heard or experienced it before:

⚡ Hanging 10 is a stalling maneuver 🐢


Yep. Hanging 10 will actually slow your board down & is used as a way to manage your speed from the nose of your board. Weird, right? But it’s true.

That’s why you’ll often see people switch from 5 to 10 or vice versa - they’re managing their speed. Hanging 5 allows you to speed up and hanging 10 slows you down. How cool is that?!

The trick for an effective hang 10 is all about timing & positioning (like most things with longboarding 😉).

If you try to hang 10 too early or the positioning isn’t right, there will be a tendency to nosedive. If you manage to hang 10, but stay there too long based on what the wave is offering, you may stall yourself off the back of the wave.

So next time you’re on the tip, consider whether you need to slow down or speed up to keep pace with the wave & hang your toes accordingly.

💬 This is something I’m definitely still working on, but knowing this has really helped my tip time. How about you?

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