Taking that last step to the nose

When learning to noseride, that last step to the nose seems to be hardest one for some reason. Here’s some thoughts on pushing past it from both a practical & mental point of view:

🤓 From a practical point of view, it may be that your steps land you in this awkward distance from the nose & you’re not sure how to proceed.

This is pretty common until you start getting a feel for how many steps to take & how big they should be (3-4 steps that are hip-shoulder distance apart is a good guideline).

That said, if you do find yourself in this awkward distance, try taking a half step backwards & re-approaching the nose. The more you practice getting all the way to the nose, the more this awkward distance will naturally iron itself out.

🧠 Now from a mental point of view, taking that last step may be more of a mental barrier.

It can feel pretty uncomfortable up there at first as your board disappears in front of you & all of a sudden you’re frozen half a step from the nose. It’s like this invisible wall stopping you from moving forward. Just know that this is common!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about fear is that the only way past it is through it. So that’s what I would encourage you to do here: try taking that step anyway 💪.

And, spoiler alert, you’re going to fall. A lot.

You might nosedive.

You might float off the back.

You might walk off the front of your board.

Or, you might just stick it 👃.

The point is to get a feel for what it’s like up there. That step you thought you were going to nosedive on may not actually cause you to nosedive! Or if it does, now you know & can reflect on why, make an adjustment, & try again (see tip 14).

One other thing that may help overcome any mental barriers is that I personally think falling from the nose is safer bc you can fall forward & be clear of your board.

And remember to protect your noggin’!

💬 Anything that has helped you take that last step to the nose?

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