The "push and pull" of cross stepping

Cross stepping is more than just “walking the plank” that is your surfboard. Not only do you walk forward and back along the board, but there’s also an element of the board moving forward and back beneath your feet.

I call this the “push & pull” of cross stepping (which I just made up 😅).

👉 Here’s what I mean:

When moving forward on your board, as you go to step your back foot towards the forward position, there’s a slight “pull” from your front foot towards the back position which kind of pulls the board towards you.

The same (but opposite) is true when walking backwards. Instead of just walking back on your board as if it were stationary, your back foot actually does a slight “push” forward as your front foot steps back & the board pushes away from you.

This push & pull is subtle and difficult to see in examples, but really helps provide stability during your steps.

It’s also a hard one to practice on land because, well the land doesn’t move 😅, but keep it in mind next time you’re in the water as it may add an extra level of stability to your steps.

💬 Are you familiar with this aspect of cross stepping?

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