Embrace the wipeout as an opportunity to learn

As you continue along your surf journey, no doubt there will be lots of falls, spills, & wipeouts along the way. But that’s totally ok.

Wiping out is unfortunately often seen as a failure – it means you didn’t complete the ride, “wasted” the wave, & weren’t successful in whatever you were attempting to do. And when it happens again & again, it can even become frustrating.

But you know one of the best things you can do?

Embrace the wipeout & learn from it ✨

Wiping out generally means you’re pushing yourself by trying things you don’t yet know how to do or are still working on mastering (which arguably takes a lifetime), no matter the level of difficulty. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what may have gone wrong, make an adjustment, & try again. Learning & growing through trial and error.

Even if whatever adjustment you make causes the next wave to be even worse, now you know what not to do. And if you bring it back to that sense of play I talked about at the start of this series, you’re going to have a fun time no matter what. Remember the format?

👉 Play. Practice. Play.

Idk about you, but most of my waves end in some sort of “incompletion” anyway so may as well embrace it aye?

💬 Perhaps more of a mindset shift than anything else (and surely there’s a life lesson in there somewhere 😄), but how do you view your wipeouts?

P.S. if you’re not sure what adjustments to make keep following along with this series (there’s plenty of topics lined up!) or watch more experienced surfers for inspo which is often what I do.

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